A whole-day lecture-workshop which is designed to further dental practitioner knowledge and skills in esthetic smile analysis and laminate veneer restorations was held last Saturday October 10, 2015 at the An Namuthajiyah Campus. The course consisted of short lectures on the philosophy, principles and practice of esthetic dentistry, esthetic smile analysis; and the esthetic treatment plan; it also included small group demonstrations and hands-on activity on different veneer designs and preparation; esthetic temporization techniques; direct composite veneer restorations and detailed bonding procedures and cementation techniques.
The speakers and the clinical instructors for this “SMILE, DESIGN and VENEERS” dental course, which had a total of 40 participants, were Dr. Reem M. Al_Dhalaan, Dr. Emaad Al Hazzani, Dr. Hatim Al Brikeet, Dr. Majed Al Dhakeel, and Dr. Sultan Salam Al Deyab. All of them are consultants in restorative dentistry. Dr. Reem Al Dhalan is the Chairman of the Saudi Board in Restorative Dentistry Scientific Committee. Drs. Al Hazzani and Al Dhakeel are both from the Prince Sultan Military Medical Center.; Dr. Al Brikeet is from the Eastern Riyadh Specialist dental Hospital; while Dr. Al Deyab is from the King Adulaziz Medical City.


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