15th Smile, Design and Veneers

Date: February 04, 2023
Time: 8 AM to 5 PM
Venue: An Namuthajiyah Campus, REU
CME Hours: 5 Hours

“The course is designed to further dental practitioner knowledge and skill in esthetic smile analysis and laminate veneer restorations. The sessions form a comprehensive course covering principals and practice.”

  • Esthetic Treatment Plan
  • Philosophy of Esthetic Dentistry
  • Smile Design and Makeover
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Course Format:

    • Short Lectures
    • Small Group Demonstrations
    • Hands-on (plastic models)
  • Objectives: 

    All participants at the end of the course will able to:

    • Smile analysis and design and practice different veneer preparation and designs (ivory teeth)
    • Esthetic Temporization in different techniques
    • Direct composite veneer restorations
    • Detailed bonding procedures and cementation techniques

  • Duration:

    • Full Day Course (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM)
  • What you get:

    • Course Handbook
    • Certificate of Completion (if successful)
    • One Textbook (Art and Science of Porcelain Laminate Veneer) for participant who will get the highest score in the quiz
  • Course Fees:

    • Full Day Smile, Design and Veneers Course
    • Students / Interns: SR 800
    • Postgrad.: SR 1,000
    • Dentist:
      Early Registration: SR 1,500 (until January 20, 2023 only)
      Late Registration: SR 2,000

    NOTE: VAT Exclusive

  • Limitations and Future Plans:

    • Live patient need a lot of pre-operative preparations and planning (primary impressions, mounting, diagnostic wax-up, smile analysis and design, occlusion analysis, and case selection, lab work… etc.)
    • We can plan for a future advance SDV program, which will be only for live patients, after they pass the basic program.
  • Materials needed:

    • Smile Design Pamplets
    • Jaw Models and Ivory Teeth
    • Veneer Preparation Kit (from Komet)
    • Putty Material
    • Success CD
    • Tempspan: 1 Clear Impression Trays. 2 Clear Matrix Material
    • Tetric N (from Ivoclar)
    • EVE Ecoceram and EVE Diacomp Plus
    • Composite Finishing and Polishing Kit
    • Astropol and Optrapol (from Ivoclar)


Dr. Emad Al Hazzani

Consultant in Restorative Dentistry
Head of Gen. Dentistry Dept. – PSMMC
SBRD Program Director – PSMMC
Vice President of the Saudi Society Restorative Dentistry


Dr. Majed Aldakheel

Consultant in Restorative & Esthetic Dentistry
Treasurer of Saudi Society of Restorative Dentistry
Head of Dental Dept., KAUH, KSU-MC

Dr. Mohammed Abu Hassna

Specialist, Restorative Dept., Riyadh Elm University

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