The very first meeting among the administration, the faculty and the students of the Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy for the presentation and discussion of the results of the Course Evaluation Survey (CES) and the Student Experience Survey (SES) was held last Thursday, 21 April 2011 during the 19th Quality Assurance Symposium held at the Theater Hall of the RCSDPO Namodajia Campus.
The Meeting was attended by the Rector and Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)Chairman, Prof. Abdullah R. Al Shammery; the Dean of the College of Dentistry, Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani; the Chairmen of the Department of Pharmacy and Clinical Lab Science; Dentistry Division heads and Program Directors of Dental Hygiene; Clinical Lab Science and Nursing and the members of the faculty. About 100 male and 200 female students were invited to the Meeting. This number included all the group leaders and a random sample of students from each GPA group (“A”,”B”, “C”, “D and below” groups).
Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery welcomed all those had come- both faculty and students alike – to the symposium. He explained that the purpose of the meeting was to present to the students the results of the surveys which were conducted during the first semester of the current academic year. The Rector informed that there were two surveys that were done – the Course Evaluation Survey (CES) and the Student Evaluation Survey (SES). He also informed that the number of respondents from course to course and from level to level.
He made clear the two things that he expected from them. One, that he expected the students to ask questions, give comments and suggestions or criticisms after the presentations in a respectful manner. Two, that he expected the students who were present to echo or relay to the other students the presentations and the discussions during the meeting.

The Rector presented the computed comparative ratings for each question in the Course Evaluation Survey (CES) by program. He presented the highest, lowest and the average ratings per question in each program.

Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani with Prof. Abdullah as they responded to questions during the open forum.
Administrators, faculty and students listening to one of the presentations.

The heads of the different programs and divisions presented the survey results for their respective programs/divisions as follows:

  • Preparatory Health Sciences by Prof. Gamal Kenawy
  • Nursing by Dr. Wafaa El Sayed
  • Pharmacy by Prof. Farouk Sakr
  • Clinical Laboratory Science by Dr. Lemia Khairi
  • Dental Hygiene by Dr. Ghousia Rahman
  • Diagnostic Dentistry by Prof. Hossam Kandil
  • Preventive Dentistry by Dr. Khalid Marzouk
  • Prosthodontic Dentistry by Dr. Zaki Fakiha
  • Restorative Dentistry by Dr. Mohammad Al Omari
  • Oral Maxillofacial Surgical Dentistry by Dr. Raed Salma

An Open Forum ensued where the students were given the opportunity to raise their problems and concerns and make comments and suggestions . Prof. Abdullah and Dr. Saleh Al Shamrani gave direct answers to most of the questions and reacted to the comments and suggestions proposed by the students. Some issues however need some investigation and validation before interventions or solutions may be made, if at all.

The various heads making their respective presentation of the results of the surveys.
Some of the students who participated in the open forum.
The more important concerns raised by the students were deficiency of program content; insufficient opportunities for practical application of theory learning; poor English communication skills among faculty and students alike; non-compliance of faculty with published consultation and office hours; inappropriate or deficient assessment techniques; delayed or absent feedback regarding marks; non-existence or lack of sports facilities and non-provision for extra-curricular activities – among others.
The meeting was made not only to present the survey results to the students but also to respond to the persistent clamor from students that administrators and faculty listen and take seriously their responses, comments and suggestions as expressed in the surveys and take appropriate and necessary actions where warranted.


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