Visiting Student

A visiting student is a student who studied some of the courses in another university. The courses that he / she studied are equalized for him / her according to the following conditions:

  • The student should have an academic record (Accumulative G.P.A) in the college before his request to study as a visiting student.
  • The student should have an in-advance permission from the college to study as a visiting student and the determination of the courses to be studied. The college has the right to request a certain grade to equalize the course. The student is sent off to study with a formal letter from the college.
  • The studying should be done in a university approved by the ministry of higher education.
  • The course being studied by the visiting student should have equivalent contents and number of credit hours.
  • The courses’ grades equalized for the visiting student aren’t included in his / her accumulative G.P.A..
  • The visiting student should provide the department of registration and admission with his / her grades that had been acquired in the first two weeks of the semester following the semester that he / she studied as a visiting student. And if the student doesn’t provide the grades, he / she is considered to have discontinued the study for those semesters.