Riyadh Elm University (REU) continually imposed the NCAAA standard by discussing the second workshop documentation entitled, “Program and Course Specification” at the 64th Quality Assurance Symposium.

Respected Rector, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery started by greeting everyone and extending his gratitude to all the colleagues and faculties who worked hard for the completion of the transformation of the college into a university, for the mid semester exams and for the several issues related to good quality practice and system.

Dean Saleh Shamrani highlighted that in the remaining five  weeks of the semester, the examination for all levels in pharmacy, dentistry and nursing department must do analysis of its result, sorting of the failed and weak students and sorting those students who already accumulated more than 25% of absences. He emphasized that these all is to be done by all course directors by discussing them thoroughly in their respective departments every after each exam. He added, they supposed to conduct extra sessions by conducting practical group discussion and do advising to help them within the remaining weeks in either theoretical or clinical part.

Dr. Ammar Abu Mostafa, the second nominated representative of REU to the NCAAA workshop last January 31st to February 1st significantly discussed the Program and Course Specification which focuses on Learning outcomes. The outlines covered in the said workshop were the National Qualification Framework, Design of Learning Outcomes and the Assessment of Learning Outcomes.

At the end of his discussion he thanked the respected Rector for his valuable sponsorship and the respected Dean and Director of the QA Center for the nomination and support given to him in the said workshop.

Then, open discussion of the faculties and other colleagues went on with the assistance of Dean Jamal Al Sanea and Dean Kais Al Obaidy. It was knowledgeably and smoothly done.

Dean Mansour Assery was the one who took over the closing remarks on behalf of the Rector.


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