At the 60th Quality Assurance Symposium held last November 23, 2017, Dr. Mohammed ElMadany, one of the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA) Accreditation Consultants discussed the assessment of learning outcomes of the workshop.
He tackled concisely the expected learning outcomes, its approach, program related materials, planning process, panel notations and recommendations, mapping, measurement, design and alignment in both Dentistry and Pharmacy which were done in the two-day activity in the workshop for a more informative and edifying particulars.
After the discussion, the RCsDP staffs have given the chance to have an open forum in which they raised questions and shared their valuable insights. Dr. ElMadany and his co-consultant Dr. Khlood Al-AlSheikh fruitfully and pleasurably responded to each and every one.
The Rector, Prof. Abdullah R. Al Shammery, gave his significant remarks at the end and extended his deep gratitude to the consultants and to the whole staff as well.


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