In November, there were eight (8) Master students presenters at RCsDP in its regular Multidisciplinary Seminar sessions at the Lecture Hall N001. The sessions were moderated accordingly to such schedule of four (4) Master students who were Dr. Mohammad Sameer Afandi, Dr. Reem Mohammed AlSakr – R2 Pedo – R2 Prostho, Dr. Mohammed Hussain Jafary – R2 Resto and Dr. Fatemah Ali Ahmad – R2 Perio.

On the first week, Nov. 5, 2017, Dr. Hamad Aied Alsawidan – Perio did a presentation about Microsurgery in Dentistry, and Dr. Saud Fahad AlHazzaa – Oral D presented a topic about Laser Application in Clinical Dental Practice.
On the following week, Dr. Baraa Issam Abdulrahman (Oral D) presentation was about Good Practice in Dental Specialties, and Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Bokhamseen (OMFS ) presentation was about Medical Myths in Dentistry, on Nov 12, 2017.
On the third week, Nov 19, 2017, Dr. Fatimah Aydh Alyami (Endo) presented Horizontal Root Fracture of the Permanent Anterior Teeth: A review and Case Report, and Dr. Abdulrahman Ahmed Alshehri (Perio) presented Platelet – Rich Fibrin (PRF) as A Source of Growth Factors in Clinical Dentistry.
On the last week, Nov 26, 2017, Dr. Mohammed Hussain Jafary (Resto) presented a topic about the Relationship Between Dental Complex and Facial Features, and Dr. Majed Hamad Alanazi (Endo) presentation was about Forensic Dentistry.
These all were helpfully supervised by Prof. Sami Shafik, Prof. Hezekiah Mosadomi, Prof. Sanaa Shafshak, Dr. Raed Salma, Dr. Musaed Al Tammami, and Prof. Roula Al Bounni.


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