Policies and Procedures

Strategic Planning and Policies Unit

The Strategic Planning & Policies Unit (SPPU) supports Riyadh Elm University (REU) strategic planning process through systematizing the annual strategic planning cycle. This unit is associated with the University Strategic Planning Committee. In fulfilling this role, the Unit in cooperation with the Strategic Planning Committee set policies and plans in alignment with the mission and the strategic goals of the university and its college to monitor and follow up the implementation of the action and operational plans.

Education and Assessment Unit

This Unit coordinates with the QA committees of colleges to ensure implementation of quality practices and NCAAA requirements related to learning and teaching. It coordinates with concerned departments to ensure adequacy of learning resources for all programs, and monitors the academic assessment process in the programs to ensure fulfillment of the programs learning outcomes.

Staff Development Unit

The SDU is responsible to provide comprehensive advice, guidance and development opportunities for all REU staff in order to support the organization in the attainment of its objectives. The Unit is dedicated to providing professional development training programs and resources for staff that supports identified staffing needs including the enhancement of competencies of academic/administrative staff members in the areas of teaching, assessment, research, curriculum development, use of information and communication technologies, administration and management.

Performance Measurement Unit

The PMU is responsible for the process of collecting, analyzing, reporting, and generating useful information regarding the performance of the institution and its colleges, departments (academic and non-academic), and programs.