Achievements of the QAAC

With the Director at the helm as the authority providing direction, supervision and support, the QAAC has established excellent rapport with the academic and administrative units within the University. Quality assurance systems and procedures have been put in place and these have been coordinated and monitored through the center in tandem with the various units themselves, which meets regularly every first Thursday of the month except during Ramadan and Haj holidays and the summer vacation.

Achievements of the QAAC from its Inception to Date Relative are the following:

  • Obtaining the academic institutional and program accreditation as follows:
    • Institutional accreditation from 2010 to 2017
    • Program accreditation for the Dentistry, Pharmacy, Laboratory Sciences and Oral Health programs from 2010 to 2017
    • Institutional accreditation from 2017 to 2024
    • Program accreditation for the Dentistry and Pharmacy programs from 2017 to 2024
    • Fulfilling the requirements of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment to change status from colleges to a University
  • Developing strategic and operational plans for the university and its colleges and preparing the necessary progress reports
  • Preparing annual performance measurement reports for the institution and programs
  • Coordinating with faculties to update and prepare program specifications, courses, and periodic reports
  • Monitoring the performance of non-academic and other organizational units
  • Conducting periodical surveys including collecting and analyzing data and reporting survey results
  • Holding periodic workshops to develop faculty members