Quality Assurance Units

The Quality Assurance Units are the infrastructure that supports and operates the activities and responsibilities carried out by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center.  They are composed of qualified quality assurance committee members leading a team of a faculty and administrative staff for the purpose of improving and disseminating the quality assurance culture in the university.

The Strategic Plan Unit is an essential reference for decision-makers and researchers in the field of strategic studies and looking into the future. The unit fosters the culture of strategic thinking through synchronized follow up of strategic indicators. This unit also deals with Policies and Procedures. This unit is related to QA core committee and it is responsible of coordination with all departments for maintaining and updating of policies and procedures in REU.

This Unit focuses on academic activities at REU. It coordinates with QA departmental committees to ensure implementation of the highest international educational standers and requirements of teaching and learning. Furthermore, it ensures that the educational process is in lieu with the national standards implemented by the NCAAA.

This unit is responsible to provide comprehensive advice, guidance and development opportunities for all REU staff in order to support the organization in the attainment of its objectives. It is dedicated to providing professional development training programs and resources for staff that supports identified staffing needs including the enhancement of competencies of academic/administrative staff members in the areas of teaching, assessment, research, curriculum development, use of information and communication technologies, administration and management.

PMU is responsible for the process of collecting, analyzing and reporting information regarding the performance of the institution and its colleges, departments, and programs.

The Self-study and Accreditation Unit deals with setting up necessary plans for academic accreditation at the institution level; then, following up the implementation of those plans. The unit also assists all colleges and units accomplish their tasks related to academic accreditation, at both national and international levels; in addition to cultivating a culture of accreditation in the university community.

Electronic quality assurance systems unit works under the quality assurance center of REU. It is headed by faculty with members from IT specialist, Moodle administrator and software developers and member from PMU. Main function is to digitalize the data collection process from different sources in order to facilitate speedy analysis and dissemination of the results to the PMU and self study reporting unit

This Unit is responsible to coordinate with all administrative and support service departments in REU in issues related to facilities, equipment, student services, and finance.