Two SDU Workshops Completed

The Staff Development Unit (SDU) under the chairmanship of Dr. Tahani Al Rahbeni just successfully completed two of the workshops it has planned and organized for this summer 2017.
The first interesting workshop held last May 29, 2017 at the Main Theater of Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry in the An Namuthajiyah campus was on “Assessment Rules and Regulations in RCsDP” and on “How to Write Assessments Effectively”. The resource speakers for this workshop were Dr. Tahani Al Rahbeni and Dr. Deema Al Shammery, respectively. Dr. Tahani also discussed the question types, grade distribution and the question bank. Dr. Deema started her presentation with a discussion on learning outcomes and proceeded to the various types of assessment methods based on the learning outcomes. She then segued and tackled course specifications, course outlines and course reports.
The second interesting and attention-riveting workshop was on “Presentation Communication Skills”. It was held today, May 31, and was presented by Prof. Ashraf Kamel. It was an interactive workshop where the speaker asked the audience to answer specific questions using their mobile phones while their responses were tabulated online and were projected on the screen as they came through. Prof. Ashraf discussed the marks of effective presentations and shared a number of tips on how to make awesome presentations.
Workshop participants and audience consisted basically of all the faculty from the Colleges of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and some administrative staff.
Two more SDU workshops are slated for the summer. The first of the two is on “Preparing and Filling Your Course Reports” by Dr. Tahani to be conducted on June 5; the other is on “Towards Better Research” by Dr. Sharat Pani on June 7.
The Staff Development Unit is composed of Dr. Tahani, Dr. Deema, Dr. Sharat, Dr. Kamilia Tawfik and Ms. Marietta Sorbito.


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