The announcement of the winners in the poster competitions at the 6th Research Day to be held in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy (RCsDP) capped the whole-day event on May 9, 2015.
In the IADR Competition where 30 posters competed, the research poster “Oral squamous cell carcinoma and its associated risk factors in Jazan, Saudi Arabia: A hospital based case control study” by Qadri MFA., AlHarbi F., Bajonaid AMS, Moaf IHY, Al Sharwani A. and Al Amir H. – all from Jazan University – won first place.
The second place went to the poster from RCsDP – “Work-related muscoskeletal disorders among dental students in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy” by AlSalem R., Hamid L., Alrajhi A., Tokhtah H., Al Khouja K., Al Zaben R., Al Shehri A. under the supervision of Dr. Salam Hetou and Dr. Mohammad Rayyan. (This poster also got the highest marks in the Dental Education Section of the RCsDP Competition; the rules specified, however, that no poster could win in both the IADR and RCsDP competitions.)
The third place went to another poster from Riyadh Colleges – “Children’s Perceptions of Facial Esthetics during the Ugly Duckling Stage Compared to those of their Parents” by Al Abassi MF, Pani SC, Al Sanea JA – all faculty/dean from Riyadh Colleges. The posters in this competition were submitted by IADR member-students and/or faculty from different colleges and universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
In the RCsDP Competition, the Best Posters by Section selected by the panel of judges are the following:
Social and Dental Behavior including Dental Anxiety Section: “The Relationship between Dental Anxiety Level and Patient Knowledge of the Treatment Procedure” by Alshathri N., Dada M., Alghofaili R., Altwerqi D., Aldawsari G., Alzabin A. supervised by Dr. Ahmed Tawfig.
Dental Education Section: “Sleep Quality and its Effect on Academic Performance Among Dental Students” by Al Nimer O., Al Sheri M., Al Safar N., Al Mejsen Z., Al Habib R. supervised by Dr. Marwa Al Tayyeb and Dr. Mohammad Rayyan.
Endodontics Section: “Knowledge and Awareness among primary school teachers of Riyadh towards emergency management of dental trauma” by Obeid M., Al Jumah G., Almaiman S., Wadi M., Aljefri B., Altassan N., Alajaji D., and Alabdli M. supervised by Dr. Shahzeb Ansari.
General Dentistry and Medically Compromised Patients Section: “The oral health status and caries risk of patients undergoing renal hemodialysis (HD)” by Al Furiah T., Madani A., Hafiz A, Salman A. supervised by Dr. Sharat Pani.
Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Section: “Obesity and Smile Width: A cross-sectional analysis in Riyadh City” by Binhuwaishel L. and Al Anazi G. supervised by Dean Jamal Al Sanea.
Periodontology and Oral Hygiene Section: “Effect of Miswak and Miswak Extract on Mouth Malodor” by Al Saffer A., Al Sadiq A., Al Magaslh H., AlabdRab Al nabi S. and Al Saeed Z. supervised by Dr. Mohammad Abdul Baseer and Dr. Mohammad Rayyan.
Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry Section: “Quality of tooth preparation produced using diamonds with guide pins” by AlMeshal R., AlGhamedi W. and AlHezaim H supervised by Dr. Marwa Al Tayyeb and Dr. Mohammad Rayyan.
Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis and Oral Surgery Section: “A Correlational Study of Temporo-Mandibular Disorder (TMD) Risk Factors with Mouth Opening in Saudi Population” by Alfadel H., Al Mazyad A., Modini K. and Al Shammery A. supervised by Dr. Asha Joshi.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Local Anesthesia Section: “Hemodynamic changes following injection of local anesthetics with different concentrations of epinephrine during simple toothe extraction – A Prospective Clinical Trial” by Alshowaikhat F., Alzawad K., Bannawi F. and Shubber F. supervised by Dr. Nedal Abu Mostafa.
Pharmacy and Nursing Section: “Development and evaluation of anti-protozoal sodium stibogluconate targeting niosomes” by Al-qarros S., Al Haj Hussain A., Al Shibiny F., Abdul rahmman E., Al-sayed M. supervised by Dr. Hajer Abdo.
Experts from IADR, Colgate and RCsDP comprised the panel of judges for the competitions.
Dr. Sharat Pani of the RCsDP Research Center who announced the winners above also announced that the competitions were strong and tight and gave the judges a tough time doing their job.
Through the efforts of Dr. Abdulaziz Al Shammery of the King Salman Center for Children’s Health, Colgate has sponsored the prizes for the 6th Research Day poster competitions.


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