The Staff Development Unit Team and the Quality Assurance Center organized a workshop for 2 consecutive days (November 22 and 23, 2017).  It has been a privilege to have the respected NCAAA consultants, Prof. Mohammad El Madany and Dr. Khlood Al-Sheikh who spent their precious time and effort in delivering a remarkable workshop about Assessment of Learning Outcomes.  The objective of this activity is to be able to provide & motivate our Quality Assurance committee and the Faculty to have a better approach and be more knowledgeable, understanding towards an accurate and proper application of learning outcomes to the course, student, program and institution.  It was indeed a big help for us to have such type of workshop and in fact, the preparation for the next accreditation is now being processed & worked out.
Some significant topics that were discussed and expanded during day 1 were, Introduction to Assessment, Student Learning Outcomes, Assessment Plan & Design Process, Program Mission, Learning Goals and Objectives, Identifying Student Learning Outcomes, Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, PLOs and NQF. All Quality Assurance committee were present together with some faculty staff from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Another set of subjects on the 2nd day of workshop, included as Align curriculum with SLOs, Identifying Assessment Measures, Construct Alignment, Annual Assessment Report, LOs important issues, lesson learned/insights and FAQ’s. Same target participants, most of faculty staff and colleagues were able to attend the day 2 workshop followed by the acknowledged presence of the Rector in the afternoon session.
These 2-day activities were fruitful and all the speakers successfully accommodated all the queries. The rector also participated by giving questions and comments regarding the updated template of NCAAA, the follow up status of the College being brought up to the Office of the NCAAA. Dr. Jamal Sanea, Dean of Dentistry (female) also gave his share of insight about the importance of an online system and social media to be provided by the NCAAA website for a more effective and trendy access to online queries. Unfortunately, this system is not yet available at the moment but definitely will be possible & accessible very soon according to Prof. El Madany.
All the speakers were recognized the RCsDP for a job well done and for being able to catch up with all the suggestions, advices and comments attentively while the participants’ feedback to the speakers in general was satisfactory.


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